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Learn from NFL MVP, Super Bowl winner, Hall of Fame QB, Kurt Warner.

QBConfidential is the most comprehensive learning platform for football Players, Coaches and Fans, told from the Quarterback’s perspective. It focuses on the 5 most important elements of development: Football IQ, On-Field Technique, Play understanding and design, Mindset development and Film Study. QBConfidential is designed as a tool for those at any stage in their development, as it takes a building blocks approach to each element.

Each file is focused on one element and built as a 52-week (1 year) curriculum, starting with an easy-to-understand introduction to the basics and then gradually becoming more complex. EVERY day of your first year you will get a quick, concise lesson to increase your knowledge and understanding of the game. After one year you will have all the information you need to build your case as the BEST in the business! (But, the education never stops! You will continue to get weekly lessons as long as you’re a part of the QBConfidential team!)

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Lessons to unlock your football IQ, this classroom teaches all things football!

BB 1 - Identifying Defense

BB 2 - Ten Zones

BB 3 - Reading D

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Want to throw like a HOFer? Go on the field with Kurt to learn his Arm, Body & Core secrets of throwing technique.

ABC 1 - Stationary

ABC 2 - Front Foot


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QB, coach, play designer or fan? You won’t want to miss KW cracking open the playbook.

PB 1 - Hitch

PB 2 - Hiss

PB 3 - Combo

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Sharing experiences from Kurt’s improbable journey—We’ll build a Mindset of Excellence!

OTB 1 - Intro

OTB 2 - Who - SI

OTB 3 - What - Goals

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You want to bring your A-game like the pros? Spending a little time in StudyBall is the answer!




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QBConfidential was created to impact as many coaches and players as possible. With this in mind, we have designed different levels of access and investment to the program, giving you everything you need, at an affordable price.

For those unable to afford any of QBConfidential's plans, check out our scholarships to see how you can still be a part of our team.

Coach's Zone

Ask Coach Your Question

Here's your chance to interact with QBConfidential's Coach, Hall of Famer Kurt Warner. Is there a question you've always wanted to ask? What's the most memorable play of Kurt’s career? What's his favorite play? What was his offseason training regimen? What's his favorite food? Something specific to one of the above lessons/segments? Submit your question and maybe you’ll score a video answer here in the Coach's Zone.

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Sign up as a Free Agent to receive access to all five of our Confidential Files (Blackboard Breakdowns, ABCs, Playbook, Outside the Box, StudyBall). As a Free Agent you will start your own QBConfidential course, following a set lesson plan. You will receive weekly releases of new course segments, with full access to your back catalog of previously-viewed material. Free Agents will follow the course’s sequential weekly release schedule and will not have the ability to skip ahead to other segments in the full QBConfidential catalog. (This plan is charged on a monthly basis.)



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Sign a Franchise Tag to receive access to the FULL “Season One” catalogue of our Confidential Files (52 weeks of episodes), giving you on-demand access to all content released to date on the QBConfidential platform. As a Franchise player you will receive all the benefits of a Free Agent, but you will also have the ability to navigate ahead to future segments in the course, outside of the set weekly lesson plan. (This plan will be charged on a yearly basis.)



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If you are a Coach looking to purchase QBConfidential for multiple members of your coaching staff/organization, becoming a Team Captain is the best option for you. As a Team Captain you can share Franchise Tag access with up to ten members of your team, making it the perfect individual teaching curriculum or something you and your staff can work through together.

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